Group Overview and Regional Presence

A continuation of the history into the present: A&D Pharma Marketing & Sales turned into what we are today. MagnaPharm. We have changed our name but never give up our high-level services.

We are a pharmaceutical company providing a full range of services and going an extra mile to fulfill the demands of our reputable partners. Multinational pharmaceutical companies that have decided not to operate directly with their own affiliate in the CEE Region or already operating in our territories with mature brands outsourced to us have chosen MagnaPharm as their local service provider and became our trustworthy partners.

As MagnaPharm we operate in the main CEE countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia with plans to expand our coverage in the nearest future.

We have a team of more than 550 members: experienced people and leaders along them, all together united by strong pharma and medical background.

MagnaPharm consolidated Net Sales for 2019: 110 mio eur (+15 vs. PY) and rolling plans to reach 130mio Net Sales in 2020 with a mixture of strong organic growth and new signed partnerships.


The CEE Region has a population of 98.66 mio people with a Pharma market of 20.54B still relative small but with high potential and steady double digits growth in the last years.